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Supreme Court upholds Indiana abortion law on fetal remains

The Supreme Court is upholding an Indiana law that requires abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetuses in the same way as human remains.

Supreme Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax

States will be able to force shoppers to pay sales tax when they make online purchases under a Supreme Court decision Thursday that will leave shoppers with lighter wallets but is a big win for states.
Online Sales Taxvideo

Supreme Court hears case about online sales tax collection

The Supreme Court sounded concerned Tuesday about doing away with a rule that has meant consumers don't get charged sales tax on some online purchases.
Donald Trump Travel Ban immigrationvideo

Supreme Court partly reinstates Trump travel ban, fall arguments set

The Supreme Court is letting a limited version of the Trump administration ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries to take effect, a victory for President Donald Trump in the biggest legal controversy of his young presidency
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Justices say government can’t refuse disparaging trademarks

The Supreme Court says the government can't refuse to register trademarks that are considered offensive.
US Supreme Court Association Justice Stephen Breyer

Hello? Justice Stephen Breyer’s cellphone rings in court

A high court argument on Tuesday was interrupted by the familiar sound of a ring chime, and Justice Stephen Breyer was the culprit.

Justice Thomas asks questions in court, 1st time in 10 years

Justice Clarence Thomas has asked questions during a Supreme Court argument for the first time in 10 years.

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