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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Tag: Creekwood

Creekwood shooting now murder investigation after victim dies

One of four men shot in broad daylight last weekend has died.

UPDATE: Two people in custody after shooting involving WPD detective

Two people are in custody after a shooting involving a Wilmington police detective near 23rd and Chestnut Streets.

Creekwood community rallies after Saturday shooting

Following Saturday's shooting, dozens of people attended a rally in the Creekwood community Sunday.

WPD: 4 hurt in Creekwood shooting

Wilmington Police say four people were hurt in a shooting in Creekwood this afternoon.

City announces plans to build new police training facility

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo announced plans Wednesday for the city to build a new indoor police training facility near the Creekwood neighborhood.

Witnesses report safety concerns on day 2 of murder trial

On day two of a murder suspect's trial, witnesses reported safety concerns during pre-trial motions.

Police: Woman ejected from stolen car during crash overnight

Police say a Wilmington woman is in the hospital after she was ejected from the stolen car she was driving while impaired.

Witnesses describe neighborhood shooting

"When I heard the gun shot I just started pushing all the kids down and I told everybody just to get down," Hall said. Hall said one of the boys took a hit.

Wilmington police investigating shooting near Creekwood

Wilmington police are investigating a shooting. It happened this evening on Stewart Circle near Creekwood.

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