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A year later, legal wrangling continues in Hania Aguilar murder case

Wednesday marked one year since 13-year-old Hania Aguilar's body was found in Robeson County.

Michael McLellan indicted in murder of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar

The man accused of strangling 13-year-old Hania Aguilar has been indicted in the case. 

Deputy fired after Hania Aguilar investigation takes to social media

One of two Robeson County Sheriff's deputies forced out after the Hania Aguilar case is speaking out. 

Autopsy: Asphyxia was likely cause of Hania Aguilar’s death

A kidnapped and slain 13-year-old North Carolina girl likely died of suffocation or strangulation, but her cause of death couldn't be determined conclusively, according to an autopsy released Wednesday.

Robeson Co. detective fired after investigation into DNA related to Hania case

A Robeson County Sheriff's Office investigator has been fired following an internal investigation into overlooked DNA in the Hania Aguilar case.

2 Robeson Co. deputies suspended in case linked to NC teen’s death

Two Robeson COunty sheriff's deputies have been suspended for not following up on evidence linking a 2016 rape to a released felon now accused in the death of a teenage girl.

New Robeson Co. Sheriff speaks on overlooked evidence in Hania Aguilar case

The newly-elected Robeson County Sheriff is revealing new details about a missed warning that could have kept an accused murderer behind bars.

Judge denies bond for man accused of kidnapping, raping, killing Hania Aguilar

A judge today denied bond for a man accused of kidnapping, raping and killed a Lumberton teenager last month. Meanwhile no decision has been made yet on whether he will face the death penalty.

Company donates a new home to family of Hania Aguilar

A Fort Lauderdale company donated a new mobile home to the family of slain Lumberton teen Hania Aguilar.

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