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North Carolina parties offer 30-plus presidential candidates

North Carolina's official political parties want more than 30 presidential candidates on the March primary ballots.

Julian Castro joins McDonald’s strikers in North Carolina

Democratic presidential contender Julian Castro joined a march to a McDonald's restaurant in North Carolina on Thursday to draw attention to workers' efforts to raise the minimum wage and secure other protections.

Biden defends his behavior with women after accusation against him

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday he doesn't believe he ever acted inappropriately toward women but will "listen respectfully" to suggestions he did.

Virginia Democrat says Northam won’t resign

A Virginia Democrat who has spoken with Gov. Ralph Northam has told The Associated Press that the governor now does not believe he was in a racist picture in his 1984 medical yearbook and has no immediate plans to resign.

Julián Castro announces he is running for president in 2020

 Julián Castro, who served as Housing and Urban Development secretary under former President Obama, announced Saturday he is running for president in 2020.

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