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Florence: Evacuations continue as North Carolina rivers rise

Hurricane Florence is by no means done with the Carolinas, where some rivers are still rising and thousands of people were told to plan to leave their homes on Monday before rivers reach their crest.

North Carolina one of 10 states where FEMA will embed with state authorities

The footage showing destruction left by the weekend's tornadoes takes your breath away. State authorities have a plan for dealing with future natural disasters: FIT, short for FEMA Integration Team.

Homeowners impacted by Hurricane Matthew to receive reimbursement checks

19 months after Hurricane Matthew hit, North Carolina homeowners affected by the storm will finally start receiving reimbursement checks.

State officials encourage everyone to be storm ready

While it’s too early to tell what impacts Hurricane Irma may have on North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper is encouraging North Carolina residents and visitors to update their emergency plans and kits.

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