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Business finds used syringes around parking lot, worried for safety

A Wilmington dog groomer is concerned for her business and her safety after an organization that helps drug users moved in next door.

New data show drug overdose deaths, suicides climbed at alarming rates in 2017

Overdoses are an all-too-frequent problem in our region because of opioid abuse. The Wilmington area is no stranger to the opioid epidemic.  It was once called the epicenter of the crisis.

Wilmington Police receive $24,000 in drugs to reverse opioid overdoses

The Wilmington Police Department just received a large batch of medication to help reverse an opioid overdose.

Pilot program proposed to help battle opioid epidemic

Opioid abuse is an epidemic millions of people across the country are dealing with and Wilmington is at the forefront.

WWAY INVESTIGATION: Is Narcan helping or hurting opioid epidemic?

Opioid abuse is a growing problem across the nation and Wilmington is at the top of the list.

Overdoses lead to two deaths in less than 24 hours

Wilmington Police responded to four overdose calls in the past 24 hours, two they say, were fatal.

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