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Autopsy: Brain defect, not school fight, killed SC fifth-grader

A newly released autopsy report supports officials' assertion that natural causes are to blame for the death of a 10-year-old South Carolina girl who collapsed after a fight at school.

South Carolina 5th grader’s classmates paint violent picture of fight

A South Carolina fifth grader was put in a headlock, punched repeatedly and thrown into a bookshelf according to written statements provided to law enforcement officials by RaNiya Wright’s classmates after a March classroom fight.

Officials: South Carolina school girl died of natural causes

A South Carolina prosecutor said Friday that the investigation into the death of a 5th grader last month was due to natural causes and not a fight with another student.

Mother: South Carolina 5th grader who died after fight hit head on shelf

The mother of a fifth grader who died after a fight at her South Carolina elementary school says other students in the class say her daughter hit her head on a bookshelf.

SC senator: Elementary school fight was just small scuffle

A fifth grader who died after a fight last week at a South Carolina elementary school exchanged shoves and slaps with the other student but didn't initially appear to suffer any serious injuries, the state senator who represents the area said Tuesday.

Few answers after 5th grader dies in elementary school fight

Authorities spoke privately Thursday to school board members for two hours about what happened when a fifth grader died from injuries suffered in a fight at a South Carolina elementary school.

South Carolina 5th grader dies after school fight, family confirms

RaNiya Wright, an elementary school student from Colleton County, died Wednesday morning at a South Carolina hospital.

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