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Santee Cooper center as SC House-Senate feud gets angrier

South Carolina lawmakers had planned to meet for a few hours Wednesday so they wouldn't have to meet again until at least the summer to avoid the coronavirus.

Some Democrats say SC Legislature meeting is unsafe

South Carolina lawmakers are coming back to the Statehouse Wednesday, but not everyone is happy the Republican dominated House and Senate will be in session as the coronavirus spreads.
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Vote delayed on SC Carolina Panthers HQ, practice fields bid

The South Carolina Senate has delayed a key vote on whether to give the Carolina Panthers tax breaks and incentives to move their practice fields out of North Carolina.

SC Senate approves bill banning abortion past 19 weeks

The South Carolina Senate has cleared the way for a bill banning abortion past 19 weeks to become law.

Senate approves Uber bill, keeping its chances alive

The Senate has approved a bill allowing Uber to continue operating in South Carolina, keeping alive the measure's chances this year.

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