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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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The Masters Life: Tiger brings out best in himself and the Masters

While walking the grounds of Augusta National, it’s usually easy to pick out first-timers at the Masters. The wide-eyed gazes slowly give way to a nervous excitement and the telling and re-telling of everything they’ve taken in so far.

Tiger’s return to the top caps Masters to remember

When Tiger Woods won the 2005 Masters tournament, it was hard to imagine there would ever be a time when he wasn’t in contention at Augusta.

Roars come early to Augusta, so does Sunday’s final round 

While it might be enticing to trade miles of walking, hours of waiting and plenty of sunburn for a day spent in air conditioning and having every big shot directly broadcast to you, there just isn’t an equivalent to taking it all in while out on the course.

Rain helps bring out low scores, charging Tiger

History has proven that anything can and will happen on Sunday at Augusta. That said, in order to have a chance to do something special on Sunday, players need to make it to the weekend.

Unknowns shine amid stars on Masters Thursday

Much is made of the power and emotion of the Sunday roars at Augusta National, but it’s often the quieter accomplishments in front of fewer patrons early in the week that set the stage for the late drama.

The Masters Life: Even before Masters starts, back 9 on Sunday looms large

As the old saying goes, The Masters doesn’t really begin until the second nine on Sunday.

Magic of The Masters resumes at Augusta National

The Augusta skies on Monday were forecast to be not so friendly, but a warm and mostly sunny day greeted patrons to the magic of The Masters on the first day of practice.

Sunday drama never disappoints at the Masters

Throughout my week at the Masters, I’ve run into just about anything you could expect to seesurrounding a major golf championship.

Lack of technology works well at the Masters

Over the last month or so, I have been anxiously awaiting Masters week as it is my first time working the tournament as a member of the media. All of the normal brushing up on tournament history was done, but I also was able to find out a bit about what to expect as a member of the working press.

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