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Wilmington Wellness City supports those in recovery process

Wilmington Wellness City is a new program hoping to make a difference for people trying to recover from an addiction or mental health.

Santa checks out new, fully accessible splash pad at Hugh MacRae Park

The new splash pad at Hugh MacRae Park is officially complete to go along with the all-inclusive playground.

New splash pad finished, all-inclusive playground completed

The new splash pad at Hugh MacRae Park is now finished and will open in April.

Yahweh Center Children’s Village property open for bidding

The property for the Yahweh Center Children's Village is open for bidding after the owners filed for bankruptcy in August.

New playground accessible to all kids opens at Hugh MacRae park

"This is huge to have a playground that, you know, fits all kids needs."

New service aims to help identify potential mental health issues

Wednesday, Trillium Health Resources opened its first mental health screening kiosk in Brunswick County.

Grant aims to level the ‘playing’ ground

Better playgrounds are coming to two Pender County towns courtesy of a grant from Trillium Health Resources.

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