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New Hanover Co. Sheriff GOP candidates differ on violence solutions

videoThe debate Tuesday between Republicans vying for New Hanover County Sheriff was much more civil than the one between the Democrats. Jason Vaughn and Marc Benson differed slightly on most topics WWAY's political editor Kevin Wuzzardo asked them about.

Youth violence is a ‘crisis’ in Wilmington

videoCity Manager Sterling Cheatham presented a report on reducing youth gun violence in Wilmington Tuesday after hosting several forums over the winter for the report. Cheatham said they found the youth often lack family structure, good education and meaningful jobs.

Fight ends in stabbings in Wilmington

videoA fight ended with several stabbings at the corner of 14th and Wooster Streets in Wilmington Thursday. The police have not called WWAY back to confirm any details. But, a witness said the fight possibly started because of gang retaliation.

Tennis star Lenny Simpson shares his story with hopes to help the community

videoTennis star Lenny Simpson grew up in Wilmington during a time of racial tension. Now, he's back to tell his story, and share ideas on how to combat violence in Wilmington’s youth. Simpson says tennis was his life from a young age.

Some say WPD is racial profiling in light of violence

video Some in the African- American community say they’ve noticed a change in police attitude. Alvin Moore is one who says he feels like a victim of racial profiling in light of recent violence.

Chief says witness list caused spike in violence

video Monday Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous revealed what the department believes is behind the crime wave in the Port City. Chief Evangelous said a list of people who have talked to investigators got into the hands of gang members and caused the uptick in violence.

Neighborhood watch hosts cook out to gain support from other neighbors

videoYou could smell the food from a few blocks away, and that was the point. One Wilmington community used food and friends as a way to gain support against crime this weekend.

Community members march to end violence

videoDrugs, gangs, and violence take the lives of innocent people each year, and Wilmington residents are fed up. Members of the community marched through some of the local housing projects this weekend to raise awareness about gun violence, and to expose their frustration.

Cash runs out during gun buyback

videoIf you didn't line up early, you didn't get a shot at cash for guns this weekend in Wilmington. Organizers scheduled the Proutey-Greene Gun Buyback effort from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, but the money was gone shortly after the event kicked off at all three locations.

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