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WWAY teams up with Brunswick Wellness Coalition for health series

WWAY and the Brunswick Wellness Coalition have teamed up for a series of seminars about how to improve your health!

Fayetteville 8-year-old in desperate need of kidney donor

A Fayetteville grandmother is desperately trying to find a kidney donor for her 8-year-old grandson.

Staying hydrated while pregnant is good for mom and baby

We all suffer in the stifling hot temperatures of summer, but imagine being pregnant in the heat! It's very easy for mom to get dehydrated which could be dangerous for both you and the baby. 

Dealing with back pain? There’s a few things you should know

It's one of the most common complaints as we age - back pain. From 'throwing your back out' to dull, nagging pain, there are many degrees of discomfort.

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