New Hanover School Board to consider redistricting higher grade levels

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County School Board will be looking into possibly redistricting schools in the near future.

One mother said the idea of moving her stepdaughter to another place of learning is stressful.

“It’s going to do a set back for her it really will,” parent Amber Martin said.

Martin’s stepdaughter is currently a 7th grader at Holly Shelter Middle School.

She said the preteen has made a lot of progress this year and would be upset for anything to change.

“I just, I really pray that she’s going to be able to stay there until high school, at least until high school,” Martin said.

New Hanover County School Board Member Janice Cavenaugh said elementary school redistricting is not expected until 2020. Meanwhile they will be discussing those higher grade levels.

“Laney is over crowded by over 700 students so we have a dire need on the high school level to redistrict,” Cavenaugh said.

Cavenaugh said regardless of redistricting she thinks a child should go to the school closest to their home as possible.

“It will be best for students because we will be able to even out the population so that one school isn’t drastically overcrowded and one school not having enough students,” Cavenaugh said.

Until a decision is made Martin will be unsure of what to expect for the future school for her 7th grader.

“You move and get settled in one place and then ya know oh I have to change schools again because of this and I’m just now getting comfortable here,” Martin said. “It’s ya know, it’s kinda like it’s fallen back a little bit.”

The school board will meet on Tuesday to begin the discussion on middle and high school redistricting.

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