NHCSO to patrol Masonboro Island on Independence Day

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Summer’s big holiday, Independence Day, is now less than a week away. And as many of you make plans, the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is making some of its own.

“The 4th of July is a great holiday. And we want everyone to have a good time. If you’re planning on coming to Masonboro Island, that’s fine, just understand you need to know the laws.”

Lt. Jerry Brewer says while Masonboro Island has always been a popular spot for the holiday, crowds have grown larger in recent years.

“For over a decade, the sheriff’s office has had boats in the water on 4th of July, but as far as needing personnel on Masonboro island and at Mason’s inlet, that started up roughly when social media started up several years ago,” said Brewer.

Lt. Brewer says this has created safety concerns, prompting the sheriff’s office to station deputies on the island.

“The deputies on the island are here to ensure safety. That’s what our job is here. We walk around we patrol to make sure everyone is safe. We’re also here to enforce the law. If you’re here and you have liquor on the island which is illegal, or if you’re underage drinking, we’re going to cite you and remove you from the island,” said Brewer.

Brewer says another thing they will look for is people drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a boat or other watercraft.

“There’s a lot of different modes of transportation on the water. Anytime you introduce alcohol to any of those, it’s not a good idea.”

Brewer says while liquor is illegal on the island, beer, wine, and anything that can be purchased in a grocery store is legal.

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