NKOTB’s Jordan Knight presents award to Boys and Girls Club

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A $10,000 check, a huge party, and a famous pop singer! That was the prize one Wilmington community organization won this weekend.

Wilmington’s Brigade Boys and Girls Club was one of four cities across the country to win an Old Navy’s Funnovation Nation tour party and a $10,000 community grant.

As the special guest, folks at the event got to meet lead singer for New Kids on the Block, Jordan Knight.

Knight says he discovered his talent through a community organization like the Boys and Girls Club.

“They provided us with a place to dance,” he says. “There was actually a lot of artistic kids in the center. A lot of rappers, a lot of singers, a lot of dancers, and that’s what drew me to the place. It was just a good place to mix it up with other kids that were like me and stay away from the streets.”

The Brigade Boys and Girls Club won after participating in a video contest about what makes them fun and whether they have what it takes to rally their community into unleashing the fun they have within.

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