No Limit Gym owner fears gym closure

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There’s a lot of confusion surrounding a gym in Wilmington.

The owner of No Limit Gym, Leslie Weakley, said she’s having to shut down, while the City of Wilmington is saying she never should have opened her doors in the first place.

It’s been a confusing process for Weakley as she opened an outreach program for youth and teens.

“They exercise,” Weakley said. “We help them lose weight. They learn boxing skills. They learn self defense skills. We do homework with them. For the older teens, the 13 and up crowd. We help with getting them job applications.”

During Weakley’s application process for this gym, she said she’s dealt with nothing but issues and misguided information.

Now the City of Wilmington has ordered her to shut it down.

This after she was given a list of things to finish in order to get a certificate of occupancy.

“In order for us to get our change of use to legally be operating and open,” Weakley said. “They want us to put the sidewalks in, we have to put shrubbery in. It’s all outdoor stuff. Inside all we have to do is panic hardware. And the emergency lighting which we completed.”

Weakly said the city’s zoning officer told her she could operate as long as she was working on completing the items required, which she said she’s done aside from one remaining item — a second sidewalk.

However, a city spokeswoman said Weakley should have never been allowed to open without a certificate of occupancy.

Weakly said that’s all she’s been trying to do.

“It hurts us because we can’t do our jobs for the community for the youth and teens,” Weakley said. “We want to give them an outlet here. We just feel like we’re being roadsided every time we’re coming in. Oh we’re going to fine you. Oh we’re going to shut you down. It’s not fair to us.”

Weakley hopes she can raise the money to install the second sidewalk.

As for the city, they say she can open once she has a complete inspection from the city and county.

If Leslie Weakley keeps the gym open, the city spokeswoman said she will be fined up to $200 a day.

Weakley is accepting donations to complete the sidewalk as soon as possible.

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