No birthday suits, just bathing suits for Bird Island

Signs on one Brunswick County beach could soon reveal the naked truth about North Carolina nudist laws. The signs will help notify sun bathers on Bird Island to trade their birthday suit for their bathing suit on their next trip to the beach.

Many beach goers believe that Bird Island is a nude beach, but public nudity is banned by North Carolina law. Signs already posted say nothing about nudity on Bird Island, but show it’s illegal in Sunset Beach.

Monday night, Brunswick County commissioners voted to create a sign to help make it clear you can not visit any local beaches in the buff. “Some folks got the idea that it is allowable, so were just essentially posting what the law is,” said Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke.

Bird Island lies in both North and South Carolina, but does not fall under the jurisdiction of any Brunswick County town. However, the part of the beach in North Carolina is subject to the state laws.

Cooke said the no nude bathing signs will also list other illegal acts such as littering and setting off fireworks.

The signs could be up within the next few months.

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