North Carolina stops annexation of Monkey Junction

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The State House of Representatives has given final approval to two bills blocking forced annexation in North Carolina.

One bill overturns the annexation of Monkey Junction, areas near Southport and others across the state. That’s a done deal.

Reaction is divided.

Margaret Haynes is on the Wilmington City Council she sounds stoic about the news that the state of North Carolina has stopped their annexation of Monkey Junction and put up road blocks to future annexations.

“Well I’m just hearing it but it’s disappointing for all of the city residents and because this is something that will negatively impact everyone who lives in the city limits.”

Residents of Monkey Junction were celebrating their victory Tuesday night, and why not? It was a fight they thought they had won before, and then a judge ruled the petition process unconstitutional. That’s when the city acted to annex the area. People we spoke to like Chris McKinney did not like that.

“I don’t think there should ever be any kind of involuntary annexation if we wanted the city services and we requested them that would be one thing but nobody that I know in our community wanted these services, it was basically going to double our taxes with no additional services.”

Monkey Junction resident Arlene Male agrees.

“I think it was a bad idea and I don’t think that they had the right to do that. When it was voted down I don’t think they should have been able to just come in and say OK it’s ours.”

Monkey Junction has major retailers and food franchises as well as residential areas and people like Arlene say there is only one reason the city of Wilmington wanted them annexed

“Money, it was more money in their pockets.”

The other bill passed Tuesday gives residents of an annexed area a vote. That bill now goes to the Governor. The bill passed both chambers with enough votes to make it virtually veto-proof.

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