‘NubAbility’ fishing camp serves limb different children in Brunswick County

CALABASH, NC (WWAY) — There are approximately 13,000 limb different children in the US today, and many of them have never met another person with limb loss. Sam Kuhnert is trying to change that with his non-profit NubAbility.

Kuhnert was born without a left hand and never let his disability prevent him from accomplishing his goals. He played sports growing up, continuing through high school and into college.

“I became a college pitcher, and because of the articles that were coming out about me playing high school sports, another organization found out about me and invited me to their camp,” Kuhnert said. “What I found there was kids who are being held back and being subjected to one sport out of fear of failure.”

Kuhnert says this gave him the idea to create his NubAbility camp.

“This vision popped in my head of this camp where kids would be taught by mentors who look like them, who’ve played at the highest level of mainstream sport to give these kids no excuses for why they can’t accomplish it,” he said.

NubAbility recently held a fishing camp in Calabash where kids got to learn how to set hooks, tie knots, and land large fish.

“Basically they just learned that they can do everything, they can do everything that anybody else can do,” Kuhnert said. “They can take the fish off their hook, even if they don’t have two hands.”

Kuhnert says another camp in Calabash is scheduled for October 7-8, 2023.

You can read more about the organization here.

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