Oak Island refutes travel blog listing it as a dangerous beach

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY)–The Town of Oak Island is refuting claims made by an online travel blog, that listed it in 8th place out of 10 deadliest beaches America.

“Travel Lens” says the list was developed after analyzing factors like the number of surf zone fatalities and shark attacks since 2010, and the state most at risk for hurricanes.

A spokesperson with The Town of Oak Island issuing a statement on the list, which reads in part:

“This article presents heavily as an example of “clickbait,” where its goal seems to be soliciting emotion-driven readership more than providing relevant information on actual danger. It combines minimal statistics with no additional variables, to create its admittedly non-scientific “danger scale.” It should also be noted that this article contains no actual firsthand reporting about Oak Island.

In providing the numbers over the past 12 years, the article does not take into account Oak Island’s 40,000+ visitors each summer season, who regularly enjoy the public beach areas. That’s roughly half a million beachgoers within the same timeframe. There is also no mention of the numerous strides in public safety services and education the Town has undertaken in previous years, such as:

  • The establishment of a Beach Services Unit, now increased to 3 patrolling vehicles per day
  • The partnership with local non-profit organizations to provide 68 Water Safety Stations with Recue Tubes at ALL public Beach Access Locations
  • An aggressive public education campaign on the renovation and public use of Emergency Vehicle Beach Access Locations

Articles like this do a disservice to the first responders within the Oak Island Police Department, Fire Department, and Oak Island Water Rescue; who serve this community with utmost skill and professionalism.”

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