Ocean Ridge Plantation residents hold a candlelight vigil 3 months after deadly EF-3 tornado

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —The Ocean Ridge Plantation community came together to hold a candlelight vigil to remember the victims, and honor the survivors of the deadly EF-3 tornado that tore through the community 3 months ago.

“We have received a lot of inquiries from our community to host a vigil, a healing type of vigil for us all to come together, and that’s exactly what this is,” said Donna Wald, Co-Chair of the Ocean Ridge Plantation social activities committee.

“Faith, Hope, and New Beginnings” was the theme of the Ocean Ridge Plantation candlelight vigil.

Community members gathered at the neighborhood’s Tamer Clubhouse for the vigil, to hear prayers, singing, and personal testimonies from close friends of their neighbors who lost their lives to the tornado, Barry Glick, and married couple Rich and Phyllis O’Connor.

Ocean Ridge Plantation’s HOA President, Donna Ciliberto, says the candlelight vigil was necessary as the community continues to seek healing after the tragic storm.

“Our community looks different, members of our community are sadly different, as we’ve lost three. The homes here, many of them are still under restoration and they may have months and years to go. So we have a lot of people who we need to support for a very,very, long time, said Donna Ciliberto, Ocean Ridge Plantation’s HOA President.

Donna Wald, co-chair of the community’s social activities committee, the group that sponsored the candlelight vigil, says this was one of 3 events Ocean Ridge Plantation plans to hold for community members as they continue to rebuild and restore their neighborhood.

This community is very participative. So, we have this, we have a road rally in 3 weeks, that the benefits of which will go towards a permanent tribute to the people that passed away, and to the tornado victims, and then we have another luncheon. So, it’s an ongoing thing, but this is one of many things that we’re doing for our community,” said Wald.

An update was also given on the status of the Ocean Ridge Plantation Quilting Group’s quilts, that were stored by one of the tornado victims who died, Phyllis O’Connor, and scattered by the twister. 16 of the 28 quilts have been found, and 9 of them were made by O’Connor, and returned to her family. The other recovered quilts will still serve their original purpose and be donated to Rose House.

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