Offshore wind coming to our coast?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Could wind energy be in our near future? It is possible. As the possibility of offshore wind energy comes closer to reality, some folks have a lot of questions. Wednesday, people were in town to answer them.

Almost 100 people turned out to ask questions and just learn more about wind energy and how it could impact North Carolina.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has identified 2 places off of our coast where wind energy farms could be built. One could be built off of the Outer Banks and the other offshore of Wilmington.

These meetings were designed to get the public’s thoughts on just how this would impact your future.

They say offshore wind would have little to no environmental impact on the area and presents an opportunity for an effective, untapped resource for the coast. So why North Carolina?

“There’s a lot of room offshore to build the commercial windfarms that would be needed for commercial scale. The North Carolina coast is a good option for wind energy because of shallow waters and strong winds,” said Brian Crevor with BOEM.

Brian O’Hara with the Southeastern Wind Coalition says we could see wind off our coast in 10 years.

“I think it is (possible) and I think maybe you know it would be great if we could go ahead and start with those really large scale projects,” O’Hara said.

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