Ogden’s singing bell ringer

Trey Forsyth could ring his bell the old fashioned way, but he is a rookie bell ringer, so to speak, so he goes the extra mile with a soothing array of Christmas songs.

He grew up in Wilmington. He graduated from Laney. He said for the last 15 years he has been traveling the world singing on streets from Alaska to Africa. Trey was homeless when he moved back to the Port City two months ago. That changed just recently.

“I have lights, power and a blow up bed now,” Trey said.

His tenure with the Salvation Army has been just that, a salvation. “I’ve been spreading the Christmas joy and the holiday cheer. Getting presents for little boys and girls who otherwise wouldn’t have anything. Feeding the hungry. What could be better?”

Big Lots shopper, Kathy Rani said, “I think he’s fabulous. He has the spirit and we’re good to go with him there.”

There’s no way to know for sure, but Trey is convinced his singing makes a difference when it comes to the money that goes in the red kettle.

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