Old Town Creek road filled with potholes; neighbors frustrated

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The past 10 years have been a rocky road for some Brunswick County drivers. For many people on Old Town Creek road, potholes are a frequent problem on their daily drive.

“Anytime you drive through a pothole, it can’t be good for your car but I do know that it’s all an understood frustration for us neighbors because a lot of us don’t even use this road anymore,” a resident, Kayde Brown, said.

Brown said she has called the Department of Transportation for the past 10 years, complaining about these conditions caused by the weather and trucks driving through the area.

Brown said the DOT sends crew to fix the roads from time to time, but Brown wants the road paved, not patched.

“Where the worst part of it is on this road is because they’re doing some tree harvesting. The log trucks are just tearing the road up. But again, if they go ahead and pave the road we might not have the problem,” Brown said.

And she’s not the only one upset about these potholes.

“Every time I take them to school, I try to avoid the potholes. They’re so big I’m scared I’m going to mess up my car. I try to go around them but if there’s a car coming the other way, I have no choice but to hit the holes. And risk the chance of maybe popping a tire or messing up my wheel somehow,” a resident, Caitlin Biggerstaff, said.

North Carolina Department of Transportation spokesman Brian Rick, said instead of calling, people need to go online and report potholes.

When asked how they determine what is patched or paved, Rick said crews go out and assess the problem.

We reached out to the D-O-T office in Brunswick county to get specifics about this situation. No one called WWAY back. If you have potholes on a state maintained road, contact the DOT. If you’re on a city maintained street, call your city. Private roads are the responsibility of residents.

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