ONLY ON 3: Dog goes missing from carnival group, strangers join in search

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — A yellow dog captured the hearts of millions in the 1957 film “Old Yeller.” It’s that same kind of love for man’s best friend that the traveling Amusement Carnival group has for their own 3-year-old Black Mouth Cur, Jimmy.

“As many pet owners know, especially dog owners, they become like children with the joy that they bring and not having that joy and having an empty void, it’s very tough,” Hunter Satterwhite with Amusement Carnival said.

The playful pup has been the center of the carnival family, that is until he went missing nearly a month ago. Satterwhite and the rest of the group were in the parking lot of the Shallotte Wal-Mart when Jimmy wandered away.

Unfortunately, the group had to move on, leaving them wondering if they’d ever see their furry family member again. That’s when people like Janie Withers with Paws-Ability in Ocean Isle Beach stepped in to help.

“As I was putting one flyer out in the Napa store in Shallotte, the lady there said, ‘I fed that dog a cheeseburger at McDonald’s last night at 6:30,'” Janie Withers said.

Even though she doesn’t even know Jimmy’s owners, she’s taken upon herself to check a trap placed near where he went missing.

“Inside the trap is clothing from the owner with his smell, hopefully to attract Jimmy and make him feel better,” Withers said.

All of this for a dog she doesn’t know and people she may never meet. Withers is just one of many volunteers taking time out of their days to see that Jimmy makes it home.

“He needs to go home to his family. That’s what’s important.”

If you have information about Jimmy, please call Hunter Satterwhite at (310) 569-3349.

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