ONLY ON 3: Husband speaks about losing wife in fatal crash days after wedding

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It was a tragic turn of events for a newlywed couple from Brunswick County. Three days after their marriage, a husband is left without his bride.

Jessica and Michael Barfoot had their whole future ahead of them, but Tuesday Jessica died in a car crash.

On the day they were married, Michael Barfoot stood by patiently waiting for his bride.

“She was actually an hour and a half late,” he says. “Oh it was worth it. She was beautiful. Still is in my eyes.”

Michael and Jessica Barfoot were wed Saturday on the beach surrounded by family and close friends.

“All she could talk about was our future plans you know paying the house off and taking vacations,” Barfoot says. “All these things that she wanted to do.”

But their happiness and future dreams were cut short Tuesday when Jessica fell asleep at the wheel. The SUV she was driving crashed into a box truck on NC 133 south of Leland.

Jessica had already worked eight hours in her first job as a certified nursing assistant and was working her second shift, transporting an assisted living patient home when she died.

Michael says the two jobs had become too much for Jessica.

“She was talking about it last night and talked more about quitting the job because she was just too tired to keep on going,” Barfoot says.

For now, Michael lives with the memories of his beautiful wife on their wedding day, a new chapter that ended before it even began.

“I got home about 3:30 and I kept watching the driveway, just knew she was going to pull in at any time because it was about the time she got home,” Barfoot says. “And just nobody. Just nothing.”

Highway Patrol says the passenger in the SUV Jessica was driving was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the truck was shaken up, but not injured.

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