ONLY ON 3: Judge Jolly ducks reporter questions on NC Supreme Court ruling

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Judge Jerry Jolly took District Attorney Jon David all the way to the state Supreme Court over the DA’s new traffic court program, but the judge would not stop for our camera when we tried to ask about the high court ruling against him.

Judge Jolly did not have much to say when we asked about last week’s ruling against him rejecting a traffic court program in Brunswick County.The ruling marked the end of a nearly year-long battle between the Chief District Court Judge and the District Attorney.

Although David was interested in Jolly’s reaction to the decision, he says he’s looking forward to working with all judges to make traffic court more efficient.

“I want the community to know that at least from my side of the fence I’m completely willing to work with Judge Jolly and every other leader in the criminal justice system for the betterment of the community that we all serve,” David said.

Judge Jolly shut down traffic court last April because he said David was trying to run a scam by using the Streetsafe program with it. The Supreme Court ruled that move was outside of Jolly’s power.

Now David is looking forward to moving on with his plans.

“Traffic program is back, and I’m very heartened by the fact that Judge Jolly and I were able to come together and map out a chart moving forward of how that could be reintegrated into our system,” David said. “I’m very excited that now Streetsafe will be a tool in the tool chest for us.”

Despite Jolly’s silence, both sides must now work together with the system in place.

In his original decision, Jolly accused David of using Streetsafe because it was run by a person who donated to David’s campaign.

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