ONLY ON 3: Judge Lewis’s role in David-Jolly battle causing Republican rift

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Politics in Brunswick County are about as hot as the weather this week.

The GOP there is reeling after learning that Republican Judge Ola Lewis is behind a squabble with Republican District Attorney Jon David over traffic court.

With yesterday’s ruling not to override Judge Jerry Jolly’s decision ending traffic court coming from the NC Court of Appeals came the release of information that David included in his appeal.

In the paperwork came the indication that Jolly was not the only judge involved in the ruling. So was Lewis.

With both judges allegedly conspiring against David comes the political fallout of the situation.

“We have two people that are Republicans. We would just as soon be dealing with the enemy rather than people within the own party,” Brunswick County Republican Party Chair George Bell said.

Brunswick County GOP officials seem frustrated by the situation surrounding Judge Lewis, but didn’t want to take a stance until they had met to review the information.

“Under any circumstances if any of our members we felt if their were potential for disloyalty, yes that would be a concern, but I cannot say that that is or is not at this time,” Brunswick Co. Republican Women President Kathryn Lawler said.

The situation surrounding Lewis and her relationship with the Republican Party is uneasy to say the least.

“It is absolutely a tense situation for us,” Bell said. “We would like to believe that all factions of the party can get along, but that is not always the case.”

Regardless the Brunswick County GOP seems to be backing David, but also know there is not much that can be done.

“We as the Republican Women Organization are looking at our resolution, because we did unanamously decide that we were supporting Jon David,” Lawler said.

“The only way that we can do anything about this is to have an executive committee or a convention and change the bylaws, and even at that I would be strongly opposed to changing the bylaws because that opens up a very slippery slope,” Bell said.

We tried to track down Judge Lewis today in Brunswick County, but she will not be back in court until June 2.

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