ONLY ON 3: Post Office, school buses refuse service to OIB road

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A residential road in such disrepair the Post Office refuses to deliver mail. North Wind Drive in Ocean Isle Beach is riddled with potholes and frequently floods after a heavy rain.

According to a letter from the postmaster, distributing mail to property owners on North Wind Drive has gotten so difficult, the Post Office has suspended delivery until repairs are made. This is just the latest issue residents have had with the pothole-ridden road.

Residents say they don’t own any part of the road, but the developer says he doesn’t either.

“He says it’s our responsibility, but when you look at the deeds, it looks like it would go back to the developer, because if it was my responsibility, why wouldn’t my deed include the road for me to take care of it,” resident Michelle Hines said.

Brunswick County says it is possible for no one to own a road, which forces the property owners to pay the maintenance costs if they want repairs made.

“It’s just been on account of the individual neighbors that more or less had to get together and fill up the holes,” resident George Crisp said.

Residents have paid thousands of dollars for upkeep, but every time it rains, it’s back to square one.

Crisp has lived on North Wind for more than 20 years. He says he’s tired of the road’s problems and thinks the solution is collaboration.

“The whole neighborhood, not just the few of us that stays here year round, but the property owners, get them together and come up with some kind of deal where we can make a payment to someone to keep the road up,” he said.

Property owners say they have tried numerous times to get Brunswick County to organize a property owner’s association, which would help pay for the road’s maintenance, but so far nothing has been done.

The road has been so bad for so long, residents say Brunswick County Schools have not sent a school bus there for years.

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