ONLY ON 3: Site of deadly shooting working with sheriff to prevent future problems

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s been more than three weeks since a deadly shooting in Columbus County. Now the sheriff’s office and the property owner where the shooting took place are working together to make sure this does not happen again.

This incident took place at the Triple K Ranch. The owner of the facility rents it out for events, as they did the night of the shooting. Now the owner is keeping a closer eye on what happens on his property, and the sheriff’s office is keeping an eye on him.

“My condolence goes out to the families and everybody involved with this. We are taking all kinds of measures to make sure nothing of this magnitude happens again,” said Greg Keith, co-owner of Triple K Ranch, where last month a shooting killed a man and injured two young women. The facility has not reopened since.

“We temporarily closed our doors to make sure that all of our guidelines was lining up with the police force,” he said.

Keith and the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office have been working together since the shooting. Sheriff Chris Batten told WWAY and the owners of the Triple K Ranch that another incident would result in the permanent closure of the venue.

“We are working very close with the police department to make sure we are not doing anything illegally or trying to do anything against the neighbors with the noise ordinance,” Keith said.

Keith rents out the ranch for the weekend, which was the case the night of the shooting.

“This one just got out of hand and we’re really sorry that it happened in this way,” Keith said.

But he is now stepping back and reviewing the guidelines he sets out for renters.

In the meantime, the sheriff’s office has made an arrest connected to the party, but not for the shooting. John Freeman and James Flemming are both charged with providing alcohol to minors.

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