ONLY ON 3: Southport City Hall workers say mold a problem

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Some Southport City Hall employees say mold is taking over their building, but they say when they reached out for help, nobody helped.

Southport is known for its historical charm, but now some town hall employees say the historic building is making them sick.

Southport’s City Hall was built in 1854.

We spoke with several employees who did not want to go on camera, but say this has been an issue they have been complaining about for months.

Southport Police Chief Jerry Dove says he too has been sick over the past several weeks, but claims it’s not because of the mold.

“Recently we have had some trouble with leaks in the roof, but our city fathers and our city manager has repaired that and stopped all the water leaks, because there was a little issue about water getting into the building,” Dove said.

Over the past several months the town has purchased and installed several air purification systems to help.

We tried to speak with the city manager, but he was not available.

Chief Dove says he expects renovations to begin at City Hall some time next year.

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