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MACO, NC (WWAY)– A Brunswick county road, one neighborhood’s access to the outside world, could be in danger of washing away.

A WWAY viewer sent us a message on Facebook asking for our help.

Jean Sidbury says Duke Energy Progress did some tree trimming in her area a few weeks ago. She says their heavy equipment did some serious damage.

Sidbury says she didn’t know where else to turn.

With Tuesday’s torrential rains she watched the only road, into and out of her neighborhood, flood and become impassable. She says it’s happening all because of one company’s actions.

About three weeks ago, Duke Energy hired a contractor to come out and cut some tree limbs down along Trucking Lane.

What was left behind though Sidbury said was nothing short of a mess.

She said the contractors came out and left debris to clog their drainage ditch and destroyed part of their road, leaving it vulnerable to washing out.

The dirt road is their only way out and she says it was a safety concern more than anything else.

“Our problem is if that road is cut in two and we can’t get out or get in,” Sidbury said, “if there’s a medical emergency we’re just out of luck.”

The road is privately maintained and fixing it would have been up to the residents of the road.

We talked with Duke Energy, on Sidbury’s behalf, and they said they aren’t taking the problem lightly.

They said they have talked to the contractor and they would be coming out first thing in the morning to clean up the debris and to completely repair the road.

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