ONLY ON 3: Prison officials investigate inmate’s illness

TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — A sick inmate at an area prison has the Department of Corrections testing for tuberculosis. On Tuesday Tabor Correctional officials removed a inmate from the prison after he complained numerous times about his health. The man was so sick that prison officials had to take him to Central Prison in Raleigh to get treated.

Prison officials say all the proper procedures have been put into place to determine if the ill inmate is carrying an infectious disease like tuberculosis. As a precaution the Department of Corrections is testing other inmates who may have had direct contact with the man in question.

“If something of that nature did occur and it was determined that some of our other population was exposed, necessary actions would be taken to provide those inmates with the appropriate testing and/or medical treatment that would ensure their well-being as well as the staff here,” said George Kenworthy, Facility Administrator at Tabor Correctional Institution.

Inmates in North Carolina are tested annually for TB. The Department of Corrections says the test results for the man in question won’t be available until Monday.

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