Outgoing Carolina Beach Council discusses contracts, reflects on term

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach is one week away from swearing-in its new council but the current council remains busy. Tuesday night town council met for a special meeting to discuss the approval of a new parking contract and a management contract involving two town owned motels. The parking contract passed unanimously while the details of the motel contract were discussed but not finalized. These two items possibly being the last ones the outgoing council will have a say on.

“I’ve had a good time and I’ve enjoyed serving my town,” said Carolina Beach Mayor Joel Macon. “I’ve been on council for 12 years and mayor for the last four and it has been an awarding experience.”

Mayor Macon is not the only one who is on his way out. Councilwoman Pat Efird and Councilman Dan Wilcox are the other two who are coming to the end of their term.

“I thank the citizens for letting me serve them for four years,” Councilman Wilcox said. “I can look back and know that I did everything I could do. I worked very hard and the town’s interest was always in my heart and I have no regrets for the accomplishments I have made.”

While Wilcox and Macon are proud of their work on council, their upcoming departure and Efird’s departure comes in the midst of an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation, regarding property that was purchased by the town. Wilcox and Macon did not say much on the pending investigation but did show confidence Tuesday night that the allegations would be found untruthful.

“The complaint is bogus. I can tell you right now there is nothing to be found,” Wilcox said.

“We’ll let the SBI do what they do which is an investigation,” said Macon. “It’s pretty simple, they do an investigation and if there is any wrongdoing found then they handle it.”

Councilwoman Pat Efird was in attendance Tuesday night as well but we were unable to grab her after the meeting for comment.

The new council will be sworn in December 13.

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