Painting pup celebrates birthday, raises funds for canine cancer research

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Netop the painting pooch celebrated his ninth birthday this weekend, complete with cake and of course a canvas.

Netop’s mom and dad fostered his creativity, and his paintings have helped raise money for animal and human charities. Also thanks to Netop, New Hanover and Brunswick County Fire Rescues now have pet oxygen masks for emergencies. Netop is the Narragansett Indian word for ‘friend.’

“I think a lot of things might come from nature,” said mom Jacqueline Karch who describes Netop as an abstract expressionist. ”He really does seem to know what he’s doing. If you watch him, I’m not pointing to where he should be. You give him the brush, and he goes up. If he’s tired, he’ll let you know. He’ll just drop the brush, or he’ll just paint right in one corner. Sometimes he won’t let me have the brush back to change the color because he has another idea, and he’ll make a couple of different marks. He really has a lot of fun.”

Netop raffled off one his masterpieces to benefit the Morris Foundation for canine cancer research.

To see more of Netop’s work, visit

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