Paws4People opens internship to Cape Fear Community College students

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s paws-ibbly one of the cutest batch of puppies in the Cape Fear. These cute pups have a mission. It’s to help those in need and transform their lives.

Paws-4-People opened their spring 2018 Puppy Development Internship to Cape Fear Community College students.

The program helps these young puppies socialize with the public and helps desensitize them at an early age.

“Getting their little ears tugged on, their toes played with, their noses messed with and their tails. New sights and sounds out in public. Linoleum floors are new to them and TV’s are new to them,” Leslie Douglas, a puppy caregiver, said.

These puppies will be trained to be assistance dogs to help people like veterans, civilians or children with disabilities.

“They could be psychiatric medical alert, they could be mobility assistance,” Leslie Douglas, puppy caregiver. “We also have many facility dogs, so we have a dog with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s department. We also have a facility dog in the New Hanover County Juvenile Detention Center as well,” Douglas said.

She says according to the American Disabilities Act, these dogs become essential assistants.

“They are a medical device just as someone would have a walker or a cane or even sometimes medication. So we have seen clients go from taking 12 medications to taking one or two after they’ve started working with their dogs,” Douglas said.

These little trainees are still in the first stage of training but will soon help many people throughout the community.

If you would like to help train these dogs or learn more about the program, go to their website.

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