Pender Co. wildfire cost state $3 million so far

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The state has now spent nearly $3 million fighting a wildfire that started from a lightning strike a month ago in Pender County. Because of the lack of evacuations and the almost barren location of the Juniper Road Fire in the Holly Shelter Game Land, the state won’t get reimbursed by FEMA.

Crews from as far away as Alaska have come to help.

Firefighters say the soil could continue to burn for weeks and send more smoke over the region unless the area gets a prolonged, heavy rainfall.

“The big thing today is we’ve had about four or five days of drying since the last rain event, and we’re trying to really step up the patrol, and we had a lot of flare-ups along the rode yesterday and a lot of re-burn issues, and we’re trying to take care of that; some of the hotter spots this morning with like the helicopter drops we just looked at,” Division Supervisor Keith Money said. “And the other big thing is just trying to hold the this in the containment line.”

Pender is not the only county dealing with wildfires. Today in Brunswick County there were five wildfires totaling about 100 acres. All have been contained.

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