Pender Health Department again at center of political controversy

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Health Department in Pender County is sparking tensions among county commissioners. Both the Health Board and Health Department have had issues in the past. This time questions about the board brought a heated exchange at a County Commission meeting.

“Things seem like they should be getting better, but there are some things that are still there that we need to address and take a closer look at,” Commissioner Chester Ward said.

The Pender County Health Department is once again in the spotlight. County commissioners questioned Commission chair and Health Board member George Brown Monday about the appointment process for Health Board members.

“There was frustration on my part that one of the commissioners did not seem to remember what had happened with that application,” Brown said.

The Health Department, which is supposed to be a service to the county, continues to be a political issue for commissioners despite new leadership in the department.

“I really don’t know why this changed all of a sudden,” Pender County Health Director Carolyn Moser said. “I feel like since I’ve been here that we really have moved forward in a very positive way.”

As other commissioners raise questions about the application process, they remember past problems within the department and think maybe Brown should not be part of that board at all.

“Maybe he needs to reevaluate his role there,” Ward said. “Maybe there’s still some emotional tension still there.”

Pender County Commissioners also tabled a request monday from the Health Department to unfreeze two positions.

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