Pender murder/suicide 911 call: “I heard two loud pops… there’s blood just running out”

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — When a Pender County mother shot her teenage son and then herself, there was someone else home at the time, according to a call made to 911.

On Thursday night, Jennifer Craig allegedly shot her 14-year-old son in the head just before midnight on Thursday, then turned the gun on herself. It happened on Lake Road in Willard.

In a call made to 911, a man says he was there visiting his girlfriend and there’s blood coming out from underneath the door.

“Bloods coming out from under what door?” the operator asks multiple times before the man responds.

“The bedroom that they were sleeping in,” he said.

“Baby, get up off the floor,” he’s then overhead telling an unidentified person.

The operator asks what’s going on.

“We just got home, her dad’s disabled and he said there’s a problem. There’s blood under the door. I kicked the door in, she’s laying in front of the door, they were already out here about a gun earlier…I don’t know what happened with the deputies that were out here.”

The operators asks where her father is, when the phone is handed off to another man.

“Can you give me anymore information?” the operator asks.

“I was laying in the living room on the couch and I heard two loud pops … and I called out to who was supposed to be here. They didn’t answer and they… I couldn’t get in the door and as I was looking at the door there’s blood just running out,” the man said.

“Do you think someone shot themselves?”

“Yes ma’am, I do.”

When the operator asks who shot themselves, the man says Jennifer Craig.  He tells the operator they can’t get close enough to her tell how she is or if she’s breathing because she’s lying in front of the door.

There’s crying in the background, and when the operator asks who that is, the man tells her it’s her (Jennifer’s ) sister.

Jennifer Craig was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her son, a Pender High student, was removed from life support on Saturday.

Deputies are investigating it as a murder-suicide.

We reached out to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office about the earlier call concerning a gun the man referenced to the 911 operator. We are waiting to hear back.

According to a GoFundMe page, the teen’s organs were donated to seven organ recipients.

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