Pender County discusses land transfer tax

PENDER COUNTY — People in Pender County were talking taxes Thursday night.

The first of several meetings concerning the proposed new land transfer tax was held Thursday night.

Pender County real estate broker Danielle Houfek and most of her colleagues are against the fee. They say they’re concerned about it raising the price of homes and driving people away from Pender County.

Tom Roper is the chair of Pender County’s board of education, as well as a real estate agent. He says county schools need the money to continue to make Pender County appealing to people moving to the area.

He says the fee would bring in about two-point-eight million dollars a year for school construction.

“Education needs these funds. It’s not a nice to have, it’s a have to have,” Roper said.

Houfek said, “They said the lottery was going to the school so I don’t understand why we have to have two different fees going to the school.”

Several North Carolina counties are considering a land transfer tax. It would add about $800 to the price of a $200,000 house.

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