Pender County wildfire burns into the night

Firefighters continue battling a big blaze in Pender County tonight. This one has chewed more than 600 acres and the cause is curious at best.

The fire call came in late this afternoon. Firefighters say they could be working this one for several days given our dry conditions and the wind.

As the flames continue to burn through brush, there are some questions about this fire’s origin. The burn ban was lifted earlier this week but firefighters say this was no controlled burn.

“The cause of the fire is still under investigation. We’re not ready to release that information yet. However, I will confirm that it was not a controlled burn, the cause of this fire,” District Forester Shane Hardee said.

The Department of Forestry doesn’t believe this fire is connected to previous fires in Pender County, even though it’s in the same general area. One fire fighter has been injured suffering minor burns.

There have been no evacuations and at this point no homes are in jeopardy. However firefighters say that could change if they can’t get a handle on these flames soon.

“If it does continue to burn, it could at some point because of the location it could impact a large number of residences,” Hardee said.

Firefighters from different departments in the area have been on the scene since this afternoon. They’ll try to keep it contained Wednesday night and then resume the effort to put it out Thursday morning.

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