Pet pig could get the boot from neighborhood

CAROLINA SHORES, NC (WWAY) — It’s a potbellied pig predicament in Carolina Shores.
One family may not be able to keep their swine after someone from the Property Owner’s Association complained.

Porkchop is a pot belly pig loved by his owner, Linda Dolan. But for her, he’s not just a pet.

“I don’t even call him a pig. He’s Porkchop. He’s my baby. He’s in the house. He’s a part of my family,” Dolan said.

Ever since Dolan and her husband moved to the area, they say many people have enjoyed seeing him except for one person. A member of the property owners association.

“He sent us a letter saying that we were in violation of the P.O.A and our P.O.A says that there’s no livestock. This gentlemen keeps saying, the P.O.A says no hooved animals. Well it doesn’t say no hooved animals, it says no livestock,” Dolan said.

But Dolan says he’s a domesticated animal and for all the years they’ve lived here, there’s never been a problem, until now. Dolan and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for more than three years with Porkchop and they say if Porkchop goes, then they go.

“I just have to move if it comes down to it. And I don’t want to move. I love our neighbors. I love the community. But I got to do what I got to do to save my baby,” Dolan said.

Some people in the area don’t want to see them go.

“They should really let them stay and also change their rules that pot belly pigs can be considered domestic animals,” Robert MacDougall said.

Now the town has to sort through all the mud. WWAY reached out to the P.O.A for a comment and the member who made the initial complaint but have not heard back. A representative for the town says the Board of Commissioners will deal with situation at its regular meeting on July 9. Until then, everything is on hold.

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