Petition calls for criminal charges against former WPD officers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Several petitions have been started in the Wilmington area, calling for criminal charges to be brought against three former Wilmington Police officers.

The woman who started one of those petitions says she plans to share it with the District Attorney’s Office Wednesday. On the petition, she asks for hate crime charges to be filed against the former officers.

“For one to even sit up and say they’re going to murder every African American in Wilmington, North Carolina is absurd,” Kamirra Pearson, who started the petition, said.

Pearson says she was outraged when she read racially charged comments some of the former officers made about African Americans.

“Everyone should have a problem with this,” she said. “I don’t care if you’re Black, White, Asian, Indian. Everyone should have a problem with this.”

The former officers were fired last week for using racial slurs or making derogatory comments. Shortly after, Pearson started the petition, calling for criminal charges to be filed against them, saying she felt victimized herself.

“I felt threatened by what he said,” Pearson said. “That he was going to massacre every African American person.”

The petition had more than 700 signatures as of Tuesday evening. Another petition started online had around 80 signatures.

“The comments of the officers were not only a hate crime but they were also a threat of domestic terrorism that threatened the lives of all African Americans in Wilmington, North Carolina, which is a class C felony,” Pearson wrote in the petition.

She says she wants to see the men charged to send a message.

“If they don’t, it’s going to show officers with similar tactics like them, it’s okay to do stuff like that and they will not have any consequences,” she said.

The District Attorney’s Office says it isn’t commenting on the matter of criminal charges being filed, but it plans to comment at a later date.

Separately, the DA’s Office is investigating 89 cases involving the former officers for any potential racial bias.

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