Planning Board approves 1,100+ new homes throughout Brunswick County

More than one thousand new homes received the first green light in Brunswick County on Monday night.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — More than one thousand new homes received the first green light in Brunswick County on Monday night.

The planning board approved three new developments throughout the county, the largest called Turnpike Road Tract. The development would be made up of 447 single-family lots on nearly 186 acres near Supply. However, developers say only 100 acres would be developed.

“The acres that we are not developing, we’d have to look into the statutes, but we could actually donate it to a conservation easement group, and then it would be maintained forever,” developer Mark Lyczkowski said.

Speakers at the meeting, as well as board members, expressed concern for the stormwater system in the development. County policy requires 10-year stormwater systems in new developments and the Turnpike Road Tract proposal already was set to be “over-engineered” with a 25-year system. With recent powerful, wet storms, the developers ultimately agreed to a 100-year stormwater plan for a portion of the property.

“We are not the only developers that are looking to build some really great projects in Brunswick County, so we want to be here for a very long period of time so we’d like to set a good record for working with the community,” developer Ray Covington said.

With the increasing demand for housing in Brunswick, Planning Board Chair Eric Dunham says they’ve approved around 5,000 new housing units in the last several months, but it doesn’t quite scratch the surface of the need they’re seeing.

“There’s probably about 10 times as much housing need as we’ve already approved. When you approve one of these developments, the housing doesn’t go up right away, the housing will go up over the next 10 or 15 years. Though the need is there, the need is going to get bigger as we go along and the housing will trickle into all of that,” Dunham said. “We certainly don’t want to over-develop Brunswick County, but we’ve got a need that we’ve got to meet somehow and the only way we can meet it is through development. Gotta have a place for people to live.”

The proposals now head to county commissioners for approval. All of the developments approved at Monday’s meeting will be required to have NCDOT perform a traffic study before construction begins as well.

For more information on the approved developments, view the full agenda here.

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