Planning Board denies nearly 5,000-unit development in northern Brunswick County

Thousands of new homes and new residents will not be coming to Brunswick County after the Planning Board's meeting on Monday night.
Brunswick County Planning Board (Photo: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Thousands of new homes and new residents will not be coming to Brunswick County after the Planning Board’s meeting on Monday night.

Criteria Engineering submitted a plan for a nearly 5,000-unit development called East Lake at the intersection of Malmo Loop Road and Colon Mintz Road NE in the northern part of the county.

Several residents in the area spoke out against the development; sharing concerns about flooding, the displacement of wildlife, and overall infrastructure.

The Planning Board unanimously voted to disapprove the development. When acting chair Joy Easley made the motion, she explained her decision was made based on the comments from the area residents about the history of the land and the speaker representing the developer could not answer her question concerning base flood elevation.

Lana Humphrey spoke during public comment and says she was relieved when the board made its decision.

“When you put this many people in a small, crowded area, the pollution imprint is bad enough, but when you don’t have the infrastructure to support it, you run the wildlife onto the highway, the [wildlife] gets hit on the highway and it injures a child, and you don’t have the ambulances to pick [the child] up, and you don’t have a hospital that can get them in the door if they were arriving in an ambulance, that is a problem. It’s just an accident waiting to happen,” Humphrey said. “To hear them table it today, at least maybe we can get the infrastructure to support the citizens we already have in Brunswick County before we add 5,800 more people here.”

The developer and the acting chair of the Planning Board declined to comment on the item.

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