Plans presented to ease traffic on Military Cutoff and Eastwood intersection

A plan to ease some congestion on a busy Wilmington intersection is in the works. The NCDOT has a few plans for the Military Cutoff and Eastwood road crossing.

Engineers are proposing three possible lay outs for the busy intersection and residents had a chance to check out some of the plans and speak with engineers Tuesday night in a meeting at St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

NCDOT Engineer Kim Gillespie said the city’s population is outgrowing the roads’ current configuration.

“The intersection that’s out there right now in its configuration would not be able to get that traffic through that intersection very efficiently and that’s what we would like to do,” said Gillespie.

One option is the Quadrant intersection, which would make those turning left, continue straight and then make a right onto their desired street. Option two is the single urban interchange, which includes a bridge. Traffic under the bridge could only go straight or turn left. The third option, Echelon, would also have a bridge but each layer would be somewhat like a traditional road way.

Walt and Estelle Link, who live in the area, say whatever option is chosen, something needs to be done about the heavy traffic.

“It’s going to be a pain in the neck and something has to be done about it and I think it’s time to be proactive in doing this work” said Walt Link.

Gillespie said they have about $25 million to spend on this project.

The project is planned to be completed by summer 2024, with construction beginning summer 2022.



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