Police report two missing women to be a suspicious case

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two Wilmington women have been missing for almost two weeks. The police department is now calling the case suspicious.

“It just doesn’t make sense to leave town and leave all your things. Your phone on your unmade bed, your iPad, your charger, your laptop, these watches,” Jenkins said. “These things that I know that are so important to someone. If they’re leaving town, they’re taking them with them.”

25-year-old Paige Escalera was reported missing on April 15 with her 27-year-old fiancé, Stephanie Mayorga.

Escalera’s sister Stevie Jenkins said their roommate reported the two missing three days after she had not seen them.

“She thought maybe they took a day trip somewhere and just didn’t mention it, and not a big deal. The second day she came home, and they still weren’t there,” Jenkins said. “So she went to go get the dog’s leash out of their room to let their dog out, and she realized Paige had left her phone on the bed.”

Jenkins said the roommate charged the phone, saw the missed calls, and knew it was time to call law enforcement, but Jenkins said police did not notify family for almost two weeks.

“All the way up until the 27, the police department had never reached out to anyone,” Jenkins expressed.

Wilmington police are now asking the public for help, sending out alerts and descriptions of the couple.

Stephanie has long dark hair, dark brown eyes, and 5’7.

Paige has light brown hair, a beauty mark on the side of her face, tattoos on both arms and is 5’4.

There is also a description of Escalera’s 2013 grey Dodge Dart with South Carolina tags.

“I think they’re getting to being serious today, which I’m grateful for, but I think it’s ten days too late,” Jenkins said.

Anyone with information on the missing women can call Wilmington Police or text anonymously to tip708.com.

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