Potential solution reached in H2Go water and sewer dispute

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A possible agreement that would settle litigation surrounding water and sewer assets in northern Brunswick County includes turning the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2Go Sanitary District into its own entity.

That’s according to a joint news release from the towns of Leland, Belville and Navassa and the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2Go Sanitary District.

The potential regional solution would empower the Sanitary District as a water and sewer entity.

The proposal includes the following:

  • Belville would return all Sanitary District assets
  • Leland would convey its water and sewer lines to the Sanitary District
  • The Sanitary District would operate and maintain all water and sewer assets as a singular system
  • The Sanitary District would construct an aquifer-based reverse osmosis water treatment plant

As Belville, Leland and Sanitary District have discussed the matter, officials with the Town of Navassa and Brunswick County have been part of the conversation. Navassa could also join the potential agreement.

In the next several months, the water and sewer concept will be drafted into documents that will be presented to Belville and Leland town councils, as well as the Sanitary District board, for consideration.

If approved, the agreement would end all litigation, including any appeals, between Leland, Belville and the Sanitary District.

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