Premiere screening held for local independent film “A. Phoenix” at Thalian Hall

Local screenwriter Don Fried, independent Filmmaker Branham Dyer, along with Cape Fear Film & Video presented the premiere screening.

The film follows a young journalist, obsessed with learning the real story behind singer/songwriter Alan Phoenix, 40 years after his mysterious death.

The film is inspired by the life, death, and rise to fame after death of the legendary 70’s British singer/songwriter Nick Drake.

Both Fried and Dyer said they are thankful for the community’s support in their film.

“We had a hurricane, we had a pandemic, we had some technical problems. So, there were a lot of times when we weren’t sure it was going to happen. So, now to see a bunch of people here and smiling faces, and people looking forward to it, it’s pretty exciting,” said Fried.

“As an independent filmmaker, we don’t have the funding that some of the productions in town do, like Amazon and Netflix, and we pretty much decided we’re going to knuckle down and we’re going to do this, and it’s been a lot of fun,” said Dyer.

The entire film was produced in the Wilmington area, and has a cast featuring popular local actors.

The cast includes Fracaswell Hyman, Zach Hanner, Patt Noday, Amy Todd, Heather Setzler, Christian Dionne, Irene Slater, Katie Villecco, Tracy McMullen, Eddie Waters, and Grant Hedrick. starring in a breakout role as renowned Robert Johnson, the “King of the Delta Blues,” is  Newcomer Toochukwu (T.C.) Anyachokeya.

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