Price of stamps, other postal services increase

WILMINGTON — If you mailed a letter today and used a 39-cent stamp it may not make it to where you’re trying to send it.

The price of stamps and other postal services increase Monday.

The price of stamps went up by two cents to 41 cents. But don’t worry — if you put something in the mail this weekend you’re still safe.

Anything sent over the weekend will be allowed to go to its destination with a 39-cent stamp.

That’s no longer the case as of today.

If you’ve still got a bunch of 39-cent stamps lying around, you can now buy two-cent stamps to go with them, or get a new 41-cent stamp.

The post office is also offering a way to never pay for another postage stamp increase.

Post Office Customer Service Manager David Carvajal said, “We also have what we call the ‘forever stamps,’ which is going to cost 41 cents and it will be good for forever like the stamp says, forever. So anytime the price will increase you can use that stamp and buy it for 41 cents now.”

The price to mail a post card also increased from 24-26 cents and first-class packages will now be priced to include shape in addition to weight.

For example, if you have two envelopes that weigh the same, the more oddly-shaped one will cost you more.

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